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Bluebell Hill Farm is Sally Wells’ and George Rickerson’s small, user-friendly horse boarding service in southeastern Boone County, Missouri.

Sally Wells and George Rickerson (left) closing on Bluebell Hill Farm.
On February 28, 2017, Sally Wells and George Rickerson met with Nancy Gerard Russell and Walt Gerard Johnson at Mid America Mortgage Services to close on the purchase of the old home place of Whip Poor Will Hill Farm.  The 20 acre tract includes the home that Walt and Nancy grew up in, Chub Gerard’s old shop, Sue Gerard’s pottery and garden, and two barns.  In addition there are approximately 12 acres of pasture.
There is a lot of history associated with these acres, and Sally and George feel lucky to have the opportunity to extend that history in new and exciting directions.

Dan Rickerson (left) and Matt Wells (right) taking a break from clearing the pastures.

George’s oldest son Dan and Sally’s oldest son Matt have played important roles in the process of transforming the old home place of Whip Poor Will Hill Farm into Bluebell Hill Farm.  Dan has done yeoman labor in helping George clear the pastures of Osage Orange and Honey Locust trees, in tearing out old barbed wire fencing, and in building the dry lot.  Together with George and Dan, Matt has played a big role in getting the temporary pen built in the south pasture and then in getting the south pasture fully fenced with Horseguard woven bipolar charged tape.

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